HP Wireless Printer Setup help

HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP Wireless Printer Setup-

Wireless printers are in high demand these days, not only they are extremely convenient but also cater to the printing needs of the user keeping the cutting edge technology intact. HP Wireless printers are best in their league and offer dynamic, low cost printing on a wireless setup.

Printers connected via wires are obsolete now and no one really demands for them. With the new age HP Wireless printers one can not only print but also scan and copy at one’ own comfort and ease from any cornet of the room.

Setting up the HP Wireless printer and installing it up is extremely easy and can be done in a jiffy, however for a first time user it may appear to be little challenging but thanks to our efficient and expert technicians at 123 hp wireless printer setup who work round the clock to help you fix all your printer issues including its set up.

Things to Remember While Setting Up HP Wireless Printer -

In order to set up a wireless HP printer you would need a PC / Laptop which supports wireless. Make sure the PC/ Laptop has a wireless network card only then the setup will be successful.
The next important thing that you need for setting up your HP Wireless printer is a router.

Make sure all your devices are in working condition and the router supports in network it needs to be connected to.

The entire setup process would require a software package, if you have a software package that was added with your printer at the time of purchase, well and good otherwise you can visit 123 hp wireless printer setup and look for a suitable package for your printer and proceed with the set up process.

HP Wireless Printer Setup
Benefits of HP Wireless Printer Setup Help

Benefits of HP Wireless Printer

A wireless printer has lot of benefits in comparison to a non-wireless printer. Wireless printers are Wi-Fi enabled therefore giving the users the freedom of accessing it through various Wi-Fi enabled devices such as – Smartphones, Tablets, PC/Laptop.

These printers are not only super convenient but are also fit for today’s fast mobile world. They are compatible, effective, user as well as pocket friendly thus making it a must have for homes and offices.

Steps of Setting up the HP Wireless Printer–

HP Wireless Printer enables a user to print, scan or copy effortlessly through Wi-Fi from your computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Just visit 123 hp wireless printer setup and refer to the easy instructions given through which one can easily setup the wireless printer.

  • Firstly go to the 'Control Panel' by clicking on the Start button and then select the ‘Settings’ option
  • Once you get the ‘Settings’ you will then see the ‘Wi-Fi direct’ option link.
  • Click on ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ option’
  • You would see an array of available networks displayed on the screen, simply click on it and choose the most suitable network for your device.
  • The HP wireless printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi.
Steps of Setting up the HP Wireless Printer
Steps of Setting up the HP Wireless Printer (With USB)

The steps of connecting the HP wireless printer on Wireless network have been given in details on webpage 123 hp wireless printer setup. So what are you waiting for? Just log on to 123 hp wireless printer setup and our seek assistance from our subject matter experts who are more than happy to help you with all your printer related issue.

Steps of Setting up the HP Wireless Printer (With USB)–

The HP wireless printer can also be set up using a USB cable, however in order to do this you would require a USB cable and an active internet connection. Just follow the simple steps given on 123 hp wireless printer setup and complete the setup in no time.

  • The very first thing that you need to do is place the HP Wireless Printer next to your computer / PC.
  • After this attach the USB cable’s one end onto the USB port present in the PC and the other end to the rear side of the printer.
  • Switch on both the devices together at the same time.
  • After the devices are connected, go to Control Panel and select ‘Settings’
  • Then on ‘Settings tab look for ‘Wireless Options’
  • Next you would see a list of available wireless networks displayed.
  • Choose the most appropriate network and click ‘Connect’
  • The HP wireless printer is now connected to a wireless network via USB.